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Pastor Adolf B. Hunter is the Senior Pastor and founder of Beth-el Temple Ministries Church International, Inc. As a leader he is an Apostle with a vision and anointing from God to bring the healing message of Christ in a clear and candid way which helps God's people to accept their masterpiece status. Impacting lives with the deliverance given through the Gospel of Jesus is his mission as he Encourages, Empowers and Loves God’s people. Pastor Hunter has served the church faithfully since preaching his first sermon at the age of 16. He has blessed many with dedicated service to community outreach touching families across the nation. Pastor believes in reaching down to lend a hand and pulling others up to empower them to fulfill their God given destiny.  Pastor Hunter is a loving husband and servant of God who is happily married to Lady Jamia L. Hunter.



Lady Jamia L. Hunter is a Licensed Minister and the Co-Administrator of Beth-el Temple Ministries Church International, Inc. She is a woman who understands the significance of living a life that touches others with the love of God. With heartfelt service to God's people, Lady Hunter teaches and lives the Word of God to prepare others to walk in their God given destiny.  Her genuine spirit and sincere commitment continue to engage and inspire many as she exemplifies Christ's love to all whom she meets. Lady Hunter is a Licensed Master Social Worker who believes in ministering to the whole person: mind, body and spirit.

Pastor & First Lady: Leadership
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